Archiving - which licenses include it?

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I'm looking for clarification about exactly which licenses / subscriptions include Exchange Online Archiving, and which subscriptions require an add-on license for Archiving.


The Storage limits in the EXO Service Description indicate that M365 Business Basic and M365 Business Standard both have a 50GB Archive.


It also indicates that F3 (frontline worker) does not have an archive (but note 4 says "Archive mailboxes aren't included in Exchange Online Kiosk. However, they can be purchased as an add-on through Exchange Online Archiving")


Based on the fact that it calls out F3 as needing the add-on, but Business Basic and Business Standard as 50GB, I read that as Business Basic and Business Standard both include a 50GB archive - no add-on or other license needed.


Is my interpretation correct?


I then reviewed the Feature Availability section, which further confuses the issue:


It says F3 does not include Archiving (which matches the other article - fine.

It also says Business Basic includes Archiving, which again, matches the other article - fine.


But Business Standard, it says, includes Archiving, but with note 9, which says "An EOA subscription can be purchased separately for each mailbox that requires either the inactive mailbox or archive feature"


So I'm thoroughly confused - why would Business Standard need an add-on, but Business Basic not - and does Business Basic really include Archive?


I can only assume the documentation has errors - but which parts of which documentation (if any) are correct??



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I have no answer, but just in case someone from MS does see this and looks to update the documentation, it would be good to line it up on this page too




My understand from that page is that only M365 business premium has Archiving included, and doesn't require an add in.


Thoroughly confused.

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The Online archive is included in Exchange Online plan 1, which means every Office 365 SKU apart from kiosk gets it. For this lower tier however, the quota is *shared* between the primary and archive mailboxes. Exchange Online Plan 2 (E3 and above) gives you the 100GB/unlimited quota.



@Vasil Michev many thanks!


So to confirm - those lower SKUs get a 50GB primary and a 50GB archive mailbox, correct?