Account locking from microsoft IPs.

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in our hybrid exchange an user is constantly locking for long. After checking logs I see it's locking on our on-prem servers. When I dig up exchange IIS logs it's locking with EAS ending with error code 401. I asked user to uninstall outlook/teams on mobile just to reproduce issue but that didn't help. I also disable ActiveSync for this user and that also didn't help. Checking logs further it seems those failed connections coming from Microsoft IPs. What else I can check. 


See the IPs in the end of each line............



Sample log from IIS logs ... 




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Hi @jaysheezzy,

it looks that the account lockouts are coming from unsuccessful authentication attempts originating from Microsoft IPs.

To try to solve this issue, try following these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Authentication Credentials Check:
    Verify that the request contains accurate authentication credentials.
  2. Username and Password Verification:
    Ensure correctness of the provided username and password.
  3. IP Address Filter Examination:
    If an IP address filter is in place, confirm that the connection is coming from an approved IP address.
  4. API Key Validation: Check the validity and expiration status of your API key.
  5. SPN Presence Check: If the Service Principal Name (SPN) is absent, use the Exchange Management Shell command Get-IntraOrganizationConfiguration to inspect OnPremisesDiscoveryEndPoint and OnPremisesWebServiceEndPoint.

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401 Access denied when running Test-OAuthConnectivity - Exchange | Microsoft Learn

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Leon Pavesic

Hi Leon

Thanks for reply.

I tested OAuthConnectivity for impacted and that succeeded.

ResultType : Success
Identity : Microsoft.Exchange.Security.OAuth.ValidationResultNodeId
IsValid : True
ObjectState : New

Other than that, I tried to check Get-IntraOrganizationConfiguration

But there's no any values for OnPremisesDiscoveryEndPoint and OnPremisesWebServiceEndPoint.
it's blank.

OnlineDiscoveryEndpoint : Has value
OnlineTargetAddress : Has value
OnPremiseTargetAddresses : Has value
OnPremiseDiscoveryEndpoint :
OnPremiseWebServiceEndpoint :
DeploymentIsCompleteIOCReady :
HasNonIOCReadyExchangeCASServerVersions :
HasNonIOCReadyExchangeMailboxServerVersions :

User mailbox was on-prem where 90% users are using exchange online. I migrated this to exchange online but that didn't make any difference.