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I have a number of worksheet tabs located on the bottom of the excel spreadsheet, 15 in total. Is there away that I can have all 15 tabs showing at one time.


Resize the worksheet tabs?

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@Siobhan_Jeddore  I don't know of a way to force the size of the tabs but you can 

a) make smaller names on the tabs

b) adjust the space allocated to showing the tabs.  In the following picture are the tabs to the left, the "+" sign to add tabs and on the right the horizontal scroll.  There are 3 dots just to the left of that horizontal scroll that act as a handle to size that scroll bar and by dragging to the right you can make more space for displaying more tabs


c) Or you can completely get rid of the scroll bar in File -> Options -> Advanced Options (see image below)



You cannot influence the setting for the font size of this tab in Excel. Excel adopts the size specification that Windows specifies for the scroll bar. The following steps are necessary to change this setting: Go to "Display" in the Control Panel.

On the "Display" tab, select the "Scroll bar" entry under "Image element". Enter the desired font size in the "Size" field. After you have confirmed your entry, you will immediately see the Excel tab with the new font size.

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