VBA Solver Call -> Solver is missing or not installed properly

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I have been using Solver in Excel via a VBA macro call to run workbooks/programs for application to vehicle crash reconstruction.

I have been using (the same) Excel Solver via a VBA call in a workbook for the last 16 years. In the last few weeks when I try this routine, I get an error that says “Solver is missing or not installed properly”. I verified this error on another computer using the same software and program. I also have verified that Solver IS included in the list of installed Add-Ins on these computers and these computers have run this program recently.

Additionally, on one of the computers, I uninstalled and reinstalled the software application that includes the program that has the VBA code and this did not solve the problem.

I suspect that some recent update to Office is the reason that this call to Solver in the VBA code is not working. I welcome advice on steps I can take to solve this issue.

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