VBA Macro and wookbook transfer

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I created multiple Macros and a detailed workbook on my personal computer and I now need to move them to another computer. I transferred the XLSTART but I am getting errors, I can't modify the code on the new computer. Can someone help with the process. I am not sure if I got the right XLSTART object.

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Depends. Are the macro's in your personal.xlsb file? If yes, what Excel version was on your old computer and which is on your new one?

@Jan Karel Pieterse  hi, I have the same issue, I change my computer and I need to transfer the macros I have created in my previous computer. my Office version is 365 in both computers.

which is the path to reach the XLSTART file? should be enough just to compy that template?


In File Explorer (aka Windows Explorer), enter the following in the address bar, then press Enter:




If you created a PERSONAL.XLSB macro workbook, that is its most probable location.

And yes, you can copy it from that folder on the old PC to the same folder on the new PC.