Using VLOOKUP to split a text string

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I am using the formula =VLOOKUP($G3,'Quicken Portfolio'!$B$12:W38,9,FALSE) which returns 7.52-14.01. My issue is I need to expand the formula so that it will return only characters to the left of "-" which could be either 2 or 5 numbers.

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With 365:

=LET(result,VLOOKUP($G3,'Quicken Portfolio'!$B$12:$W$38,9,FALSE),TEXTBEFORE(result,"-"))


Without 365:

=LEFT(VLOOKUP($G3,'Quicken Portfolio'!$B$12:$W$38,9,FALSE),FIND("-",VLOOKUP($G3,'Quicken Portfolio'!$B$12:$W$38,9,FALSE))-1)
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You're welcome!