Using same dataset for multiple charts

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Hello all, I'm embarrassed to be asking this because I use to be pretty good with Excel but I need help!

I need to create multiple charts from data in my worksheet. Data source for a chart is defined by filtering the data in the worksheet. I get the first chart created but as soon as I filter the data to create the subsequent charts my previously created charts get messed up.

Do I need to break the original data into new worksheets to create the new charts without affecting the previous charts?



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Hi @Jazzlover 


This is default behavior. To avoid the situation you need to get image for chart and place on sheet. 

For image purpose I am using following charting tool 


For Excel & Office 365  and 


For Google Sheets 


I hope it will help you.



@Jazzlover yes, you can use the same dataset to create multiple charts, just select your dataset then Insert > Charts to create/insert a new chart. The way Excel works (and that made us a little bit confuse) is the new chart is created in the exactly same size and placed overlay with previous one. You will need to drag the new chart, move it to the new place and now you will have multiple charts for same dataset as illutrated in the following snapshot