Using "if" & "and" functions

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So I have a mix of spreadsheet data, some with words and some with formulas. Can someone help me with the instruction entry  I would make when I want to find all cells in a certain column, say column B, that contains the word "spread"; then multiply all the formula results contained in column M by the factor 2? Hope my question is not too confusing and thank you in advance for any help. 

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@Meddie1938 Try-


Replace the word Your-Formula with your actual formula used in M column

What you suggested worked just perfectly. One follow-up question. If I should want to multiply my formula by a formula in another cell would I simply replace the multiplier ( in this case 2) with the other formula? Thank you so much for the help Harun24HR!
While this worked perfectly for me for the question I asked, I find the cell(s) with the script registers the word false if the condition is not meant. Since I really need to sum the columns of numbers, it appears I need to add the condition that if the word "spread" does not appear then use the existing formula, without the multiplier. Thank you again for the expertise!

Again your suggestion was right on. Thank you so much!

I now find that I must search for the word "roll" AND "spread" in B2 to operate on. Could you be so kind as to give me the scrips or code for that. Thank you in advance