Use calculation formula based on a drop down list cell

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Is it possible to use a different calculation formula in a single cell, based on another cells data on a table?
I want ‘column 1’ to be a drop down list and based on what that option is give a different formula in the ‘weight’ cell?
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@Matthewprice Yes - you can use MATCH and CHOOSE.  So make a list of the dropdown options somewhere, and do: =CHOOSE(MATCH(dropdown, list of options, 0), 1st formula, 2nd formula, ...)

@Savia Firstly thank you so much, I appreciate this like you would not believe. I am having trouble, I have never used wither Match oo choose, could you tell me where I have gone wrong. I am just getting #Name         Thank you



@Matthewprice I think the problem is coming because you haven't defined the terms used in your MATCH.  Really the list should be in separate cells - see example attached.