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Syntax help requested I have this formula =IF(AND(ISNA(MATCH(B5,Sheet3!A5:A3349,0)),ISNA(MATCH("*"&A5&"*",Sheet3!D5:D3349,0))),"NO","YES") which I made by combining =IF(ISNA(MATCH(B2,Sheet3!A2:A3346,0)),"NO","YES") with =IF(ISNA(MATCH("*"&A2&"*",Sheet3!D2:D3346,0)),"NO","YES") I validated the results and individually they work just fine. Combined in an IFAND function the result is only NO if both MATCH functions generate #N/A. If either one come ups #N/A and the other does not or if both do not come up #N/A the formula returns a "YES" I'm sure it's syntax error I'm just not seeing it.
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In fact, there is no error!

This is how the logic in AND function works.

The formula will return "NO" only if both matches return #N/A.


If you want the formula to return "NO" if at least one Match return #N/A, then you can use OR function instead, like the following:



Hope that helps