Spreadsheet Help with Formulas Across Several Columns with macros

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I currently have a spreadsheet with data that is updated weekly.  there are two separate tabs that perform multiple formulas on that data and ultimately generate graphs.  currently once a week I copy formulas from one column and paste it to the column to the right.  I tried to write a macro to do this function for me and save time but I cannot get it to work continuously.   My keystrokes are A:1; Ctrl (right arrow) to get to the furthest row; select range; copy; arrow right; paste.  The problem I have is that when I record these key strokes it records a specific range (ex. R1:R20) and it continually copies that range during future use.  When I go to the last Column I want to copy that Column, for example, the following week would be (S1:S20) but the macro wants to go back to Column R and paste it in Column S again.  How can I program a macro to copy a Column that it is in without recording the referenced column and continually using it?

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maybe you can use Range("A1").End(xlToRight).Resize(20, 1)