Show data value when I hover mouse over a data point on Chart created in Microsoft 365

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I have installed Microsoft 365 free. I have entered some data on an excel spreadsheet. I have created an excel chart. The graph is fine but I do not see the data value when I hover the mouse over a data point on the graph. This works when I open the file with the graph using an earlier version of Office. Is there an Options button somewhere so that I can turn on this feature? Is this Option not available on Microsoft 365 free?

Regards, John

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This feature still works in the desktop version of Excel in the paid version of Microsoft 365.

But in the free version you can only use Excel Online. This has fewer features than the desktop version- the one you mention is not available there.

Thank you for your reply. I shall have to do without this feature, or pay!


Thank you.@HansVogelaar