Shortest Formula Challenge

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For those seeking to improve their formula skills, here are eight (8) formula challenges for you!

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Two weeks ago, I gave a clue in LinkedIn that two of the functions I used to solve the challenge were shockingly excluded from the results of the Pivot Table created by @Bill Jelen. By giving that same clue here, my challenge might ultimately incite your curiosity.

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@Twifoo My post to understand your brilliant formula:

It was extremely interesting to audit and understand! Thanks Robert.




@Kevin Lehrbass

You had an amazing analysis, as usual. Let me emphasize that I used MMULT to return the sum for each row or column, and FREQUENCY to return the maximum of the sums.



For those who are wondering where the solution file is, I am attaching it here to satisfy your curiosity.


Long back  this has had been posted y you on Facebook,,, and I've solved it using SUMPRODUCT,, did you remember ?


To the best of my knowledge and belief, nothing was ever proposed as a solution to my challenge. If you believe otherwise, kindly paste the link here to refresh my purportedly feeble memory. I honestly impugn the possibility of such a solution you claim to have propounded before.


It was in one of the Facebook groups,, wish I could find, since I'm member of several groups there, but I found the Workbook in my backup folder, was solved using SUMPRODUCT.

Let me say this was the challenge thrown by Robert Gascon,, as I found through the link,, !!


Forget about the link. Perhaps, you could post your formula solution here so we may learn from it.