Selecting data from different tables

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Hello everyone, I am trying to make a preventive maintenance document.   I have 2 cells on sheet 1 with drop down menus to select from tables on sheet 2.  One dd (F2) selects the equipment name and then i use vlookup to autofill the rest of the data from that table like serial number, manufacturer, etc.  The next dd (E11) selects pm type like weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc which autofills the associated tasks. Some of the equipment items have unique pm requirements, some have identical ones to others.   So i made tables for each with 10 tasks (columns) total available and the 5 types (rows) of the weekly, monthly, etc.  


Having a hard time trying to nest vlookups to select the right pm table based on the equipment name for the tasks section.  I added the Indirect function and now i can pull specific tables by renaming the tables to match the equipment name but that isn't ideal for the ones with the same pm.  Example:  IFERROR(VLOOKUP($E$11, INDIRECT($F$2),2,0),"N/A")


Not sure what to do, I added a 7th column to the equipment list table and gave the pm table names unique identification to associate them with each equipment so i could pull the tasks that way but can't seem to get that nailed down either.  For reference I have 59 pieces of equipment in the equipment table and 12 total PM tables right now. 

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