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Scheduling visual with start dates & durations to exclude weekends.

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I have this simple spreadsheet which a14 to a47 is a list of tasks. $B$14 is the task start date, C14 is the duration of the task, and e12:ab12 are dates from Monday 11/13 to Saturday 12/9. If the task start date and duration is >= e12:ab12, then return "X" in e14:ab47. I want to show an "X" as a visual to the task's start date and duration in range e14:ab47. We don't work weekends, so these days should not have an "X" and not be counted in the duration of the task. any assistance would be appreciated. 



ActivityEst. Act.                        Responsible
DescriptionStartDurationStart      Month:     Month:     Month:     Party
   Exterior Tracks11/13713-NovXXXXX X                 Carpenters
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I would like to add, e12:ab47 should auto populate "X" after entering the estimated start date and duration.


See the attached demo workbook.

looks good thank you for your help. I would like to take out the "S" indicating Saturdays but this format is from my office and I don't want to change it. Is there a way to keep Saturdays visualized in the chart ? that was my main problem.

Disregard previous message. All good thank you Hans Vogelaar for your help.