run macro in another excel in onedrive

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how can I make a macro in excel A and save it in onedrive, and I share another excel (B)  which runs this macro ( in excel A), other person who shares with excel B and can use excel B with the macro,  but can not find this macro or edit it.

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Here is some information and options

1) Copy a macro module to another workbook


2) Call VBA macro in external workbook

Sub MakroCalling()
Application.Run "External_Book.xlsm!TestProzedur"
End Sub


3) Execute code when activating & exiting an Excel workbook & worksheet


These are some information and possibilities that could lead you to your goal.


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the option 2 below is very useful, but I wonder could you please advise

  1. how can I load the external excel in onedrive?  we have to refer the excel with path like D:external folder if excel is at D:external folder, but how can we refer the folder in onedrive?
  2. another thing is how can we hind the External_Book.xlsm even though other persons need to run the micro in External_Book.xlsm