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Ok will try to describe this as best I can.


Making a personal spreadsheet for RS and RSI indicators for some daily market closes.


Originally, I input my data in DESCENDING order (naturally...) as the default excel structure orients their rows in descending order and columns from left to right in alphabetical order.


After a 250 spread, you can begin to picture how long (and annoying) it is to have to scroll down 200+ rows JUST to input today's closing price--which will only make my journey down the spreadsheet tomorrow, +1 row longer than today's, and so on, and so on.


Basically--if you're still not following me here--what I'm trying to say is that my oldest possible data is right smack at the top, in row 2 (column titles in row 1) and the most RECENT data is all the way down the list on row 200 something.


SO, I decided to customize my data structure into ASCENDING order (oldest prices below and most RECENT prices up in row 2). I also recorded the added convenience of a macro which automatically inserts a new row at the top of the spreadsheet for me at the top each day ! Definitely a lot more efficient, easier, and certainly more user-friendly in every aspect of the word, but here's the catch.....


The charts connected to my data (which I originally set up while in descending order) is now displaying everything a** backwards (from left to right). I've tried going into axis settings and displaying "categories in reverse order" but while that does correct the trend line, the x axis is displaying the values now in reverse.


For example, my 14-day RSI chart correctly displayed price momentum from left to right over an x-axis labeled 1 2 3 4....14. Now that I've changed to ascending, it displays the momentum line backwards, and while "reversing the category order" corrects the direction of the line, it now displays my axis values as follows: 14, 13, 12, 11.....1.


To abbreviate my question, how do I retain the left to right display of my charting while inputting my data in ascending order?


Attached are two screenshots. The first is of the backwards chart showing the order difference from ascending to descending, the second picture is after I reverse the category order in the axis formatting, which then corrects the line but then lists the axis values in backwards order.


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Hi Gregory,


If i understood your task correctly afrad only through secondary X axes. The idea is:

1) Here are your initial and reversed charts


2) Now add one more line with your data to secondary axis


3) Add seconday X axes from the Design menu


4) Format second line as 'No line' and delete primary axeses