Report year from a Text String.

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Hi, novice user here,


I am not a power user and do not know all the functions available. I am sure this is a very basic function but do not know where to start.


Is there a function within excel to report a year or part of number from a production number : 006.1999.140.00007 (the year ref. is in red within the string) the full text string is in one cell:

001.2000.054.00015   3      BT-300       2.06  Normal-1     96     6%  


The year is always reported as the second part of the string ie. TYPE.YEAR.MACHINE.NUMBER. The other information is irrelevant at this time i just require the year to be reported. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Let's say you have such a value in D2.

In another cell, for example E2, enter the formula


=MID(D2, FIND(".", D2)+1, 4)


This can be filled or copied down if required.

Thank you Hans. Worked a treat! :)