Remove a password protected VBA Project

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I have a User which updated from O2016 to O365. Since O365 is 64-Bit, a VBA Project named HsTBarPublic creates a compile error. I tried to remove it but it's password protected and the user doesn't know the password. 


The Error ocours every time he oppens up a excel sheet (New or old). 
Is there somthing like a normal.dotm for excel where I could remove the project?


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Simply save-as the file(s) in question to the xlsx format should do. Note you'll loose all macros, but as I understand it that is the requirement?


Unlike Word, Excel does not have the notion of "attached" templates. An Excel file is "on its own", even when opened from a template. If the user opens these files from a template file, that xltm file needs to be saved as xltx to remove the VBA code