Referencing Spreadsheet Named in a Cell

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I have Spreadsheet 1 where multiple cells are functions of cells in a different spreadsheet. For Example  =SUM('[Other Spreadsheet.xlsx]Tab'!$I$131:$K$131) 

I would like to have a cell where I name the Other Spreadsheet and if I change this name to Other Spreadsheet Number 2, then all the formulas on Spreadsheet 1 will start referring to a different spreadsheet called Other Spreasheet Number 2.

All those spreadsheets would be on sharepoint and accessible to other people in my company. 


Any ideas on how to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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The INDIRECT function can do that when all files being referenced are open. Whether that works on Sharepoint I have no idea. But read up on INDIRECT here and try it out. Be forewarned that if you use it a LOT in your spreadsheet, INDIRECT can slow things down considerably.