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Hello Everyone, 


How can I achieve the following calculation in a formula?


If the house value is 750,000 or less the maximum mortgage amount allowed is 80% of that value. If the house value is more than 750,000 then the maximum mortgage allowed is 80% of the first 750,000 and 50% of the remainder. Example:

House value is 1,000,000 then maximum mortgage allowed is (750,000*80%)+(250,000*50%)= 725,000


Please help.

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@Excel Let's say the value is in A1, try this:





@Hans Vogelaar 

Thank you so much sir.  Sir, one more question,


I want to apply VLOOKUP FUNCTION formula in filtered cells only with the help of VBA code. So, what should i write VBA code to give VLOOKUP FUNCTION and it should be dynamic ??


Please help.. 


Here is a attached file..


You keep on asking the same question:

Query related to VBA with formula 

Query related to VBA with formula 

Sorry sir,
Actually i solved in with Excel functions, but i do not know how to do in VBA code ?


Have you tried recording a macro? That might provide a start - you'll have to edit the recorded macro to make it more generic.

Thank you so much sir.
When i do macro, it give me the VBA code.
Thank you so much sir.