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I have a large Excel Workbook that I'm trying to scale to print out as price sheets with pictures multiple columns etc. I got the page breaks set to where I want them but neither the "Fit to Page" options are working for me. When I scale to a size that almost works a lot of my pictures are jumbled on the pages and skipping some of the cells with my header. When I do the Fit by pages wide and high that was not working also. Any help? 

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From what you describe, working to create a printed layout of items and prices, it sounds to me as if you're using Excel thinking primarily of its row and column feature; i.e., you're NOT using Excel as a spreadsheet for its calculating powers.


That being the case (IF that's the case) you might consider using Word instead of Excel. The tables in Word offer similar row and column arrangements (and column headings can be set to appear on every page), but also come with what might also be slightly more flexibility for your control of the final layouts.


Just a thought.