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I am currently using power query to import excel files via get sharepoint. Files are in individual libraries. However some excel files are not found by power query. The excel files are found when i go straight to the sharepoint website but not when i open the library through power query.

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Hi Anthony,


Do you use root URL of your Sharepoint site? If so, it shall work, for SPO it looks like

= SharePoint.Files("https://contoso.sharepoint.com/teams/myteam", [ApiVersion = 15])

(that's for Teams site, but doesn't matter)

and as next step you shall filter on library you need.



@Sergei Baklan 

I really hope you can help.

I created a link to a sharepoint folder (Power Query) in an Excel file and everything works perfect the first time.

I then upload a new file to the folder on sharepoint, but when I then use Get Data-Sharepoint folder (from the same Excel file - let's say its a month later and I need the new  file imported into Power Query) , the folder list shows the original files and does not include the new uploaded file.  If I change a file name for example, it does not update either.


@Chris Botha 

If you don't see new files only in preview window as on your screenshot, that's most probably cache. Click on Transform data and Refresh. Or Load and Refresh. And/or clear cache in Query options




@Sergei Baklan 

I cannot thank you more than enough!!!

You just saved my life.  I have been asking everywhere for the last two weeks and no one either replied or had an answer.

Thank you so so much.



@Chris Botha , glad to help