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Hi Masters!


Can anyone please help me out of here? I also attached the file for simulation and reference.


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Hi Ovette,


You shall add the function which picks up the content of each file, add what it returns as a column to your query and expand resulting table.


Please see attached.

Forgot to say, connector to the folder do the same automatically - attached


Excited but how did you do this I think you attached the same file.
Yes, I don't have trouble doing this via the connector but I was geared towards using a Parameter table(to be more dynamic)... where as a result gave me all this trouble.

Thank you for the idea, I was able to create that function and I am rolling now...



Can you can you explain what you did in detail for me please?  Im a bit of a beginner. I’m having the same error that you did in your first post. I’m wanting a dynamic query folder path.  When I click on double expand arrows I get the cannot find table name table2 error. 


Im using power query (should have same solution as power bi though). 






@Ovette Abejuela 

Hi I think this should answer your question


How to import multiple files containing multiple sheets with Power Query, even if the data isn't formatted in an Excel Table. Download the Excel file & see s...

@GohLazar Yes, this is much easier than the route I took before.