Pivot Tables and COUNTIFS

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Two topics I'm struggling with. 



COUNTIF formulas. I'm referencing data from another worksheet in the same excel file. I am having trouble with the criteria 2 part of the formula.

=COUNTIFS('EMEA Launch'!D2:E5000, "Czech dub", ['EMEA Launch!D2:E5000, "downloaded"])

The formula keeps insisting this is the criteria range2: 'EMEA Launch!D2:E5000, "downloaded"]

And will not acknowledge "downloaded"] as Criteria2

Any thoughts?


2. Pivot Tables

How do I pivot on column D? I want to be able to show that for the item listed in column D, there are X number of "voided" items in column E, Y number of "downloaded" items in column F, Z number of "origination" requested items in column H.  






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=COUNTIFS (range1, criteria1, [range2], [criteria2], ...)
  • range1 - The first range to evaulate.
  • criteria1 - The criteria to use on range1.
  • range2 - [optional] The second range to evaluate.
  • criteria2 - [optional] The criteria to use on range2.

Notice the range is just 1 column, column A and column A has many fruits but the countifs is only specifying "Apple" as the criteria, so there are 12 instances of "Apple" in the range.


Your formula is ranging the whole table looking for "download"? which column will "download" be found that is your criteria range so your range should be $F$2:$F$5000


On the table, please share a sample dataset.