Pivot table - showing text value and multiple charts

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I hope that it is clear what I am trying to achieve here. You'll have to forgive me, I'm a complete and utter novice who navigates excel usually using just the standard buttons on the ribbon! I want to create a pivot table to show the varying different communications and events that happen within a given month within my organisation. 


Desired Pivot

Ability to filter by month(s) with a general count of event/communication types. Then the ability to show more information for selected types (e.g. the date of). 


Current data

Columns: Date, Month, Name, Campaign, Type, Service/s, Send to and Sent from

NB. Campaign, services, send to and sent from will only have a value if the data is about a mailing rather than an Awareness Day or Charity event. 


Pivot Attempt

My current Pivot is OK but not "quite there". I can filter with months and it'll show me all the happenings within that month, which is great but I want a little more, if possible. 


1) For the date, sent from and send to information to show when I filter too (e.g. would know the Mental Wellbeing EDM would be sent on 23rd May to Active and Inactive volunteers from VET)


2) On a separate table (using same filter) to show a simple count of each type e.g. Filter to June, then show EDM - 4, Awareness Days - 5, Internal Comms - 3 etc. 


3) The "service/s" column could have multiple options (e.g. caring and money, volunteering and fundraising) is there a way to count this. So I could say e.g. in May, there are 4 events which fall under Caring (this would count an EDM just noted as 'caring' in service column but also 3 awareness days which were put under services as 'mental wellbeing, caring and money' for example. (I hope that's clear??)


Any thoughts, really appreciated! 





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Maybe try something like the attached file.  You need to put the Pivot Table in Tabular Format (This is on the PivotTable Tools Tab > Layout > Report Layout (far left).  Another option is to double click the counts.  This will drill to the detail behind the summary figure.



Hi Matt, 


That's really useful and actually really helped with what I was doing :) Thank you, I appreciate it. Could I ask for your expertise on another stumbling block? 


I'd like to use the splicer to separate out topics. Issue is, many of the mailings/events above cover multiple topics c. e.g. Walking Challenge EDM could come under 'wellbeing' and 'volunteering'. As below:E1.png



What I'd like to be able to do is have a splicer with a list of all the individual topics and be able to select multiple from that to show for example, all mailings including wellbeing as a topic. So the aforementioned example, would come up in a splice for both wellbeing and volunteering. Does that make sense? I'd like my splicer to look like this: E3.jpg

 Currently under topics I'm having to type "Fundraising & Volunteering", "Fundraising & Other" etc. which isn't ideal when you see the Splicer. E2.png

Thanks in advance!!!!  




Hey, happy that the previous file I provided was able to help you out a bit.  I understand what you would like to do based on your description, however I don't think what you want is possible without modifying the data structure.  I'm attaching the updated file for your reference (See attached).  I believe you could do a few different things:


1. Before Worksheet: Use the Ctrl Key to filter on multiple selections within the slicer

2. After Worksheet: Modify the data to contain 1 row for each category....  i.e. a Fundraising and Volunteering record would become two records one for Fundraising and one for Volunteering.  For a clear example please refer to the example file.


Hope this helps.