opening excel file in office 365 in my new surface pro laptop

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I have an excel file (with macros / VBA) in my OLD HP laptop which I have uploaded to OneDrive in order to open it in my new surface pro 8 laptop (bought a week back). I have loaded office 365 in surface. While opening the excel file in surface, getting an error message : excel can not open the 'xlsm'  file because the file format or the file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format. However the said file is working perfectly in my old HP laptop. I would like to use the excel file in my new laptop for further development. Need urgent help please. Many thanks

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@MurthyCV : Hello. I have resolved the issue posted by me (above), repairing office 365 from control panel, and opened xlsm file successfully. However, I'm unable to edit macros and only 'Run' option is available. Any suggestions to resolve this new issue. Many thanks, 

Its macro password issue. Resolved. Hope the above could be useful if anyone encounters similar issue.