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I'm trying to set up a budget spreadsheet but am having trouble getting the right formula in the appropriate cells. The table below is copied from Microsoft Excel. Column 1 is "deposit". Column 2 is "deductions". Column 3 is "total". Column 4 is balance remaining from Column 5. The formulae are different in Open Office and I can't find the right one to duplicate it.



$542.82 -$946.19  
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Migrating Excel files to OpenOffice, or vice versa, always involves some compatibility problems.

In the new version of Openoffice you can open an .xlsx file directly, but if you want to edit it, you would have to convert it.

So before you migrate a file, it is recommended that you plan this migration very carefully.

In many cases, the savings in licensing costs for a Microsoft Office suite are less than the cost of large-scale document conversions, when the labor time for the conversion is factored in.

I haven't used OpenOffice and I don't know the formulas... but if I may recommend you,

work (at least) with Excel for the web when it comes to sharing Excel workbooks.

It's free just like Openoffice and you can upgrade to a subscription version whenever you feel the need.

I don't know a direct comparison of Excel formulas vs OpenOffice (I'm not sure if there is such a thing).


But recommend using Excel Online instead of OpenOffice.


Thank you for your patience and understanding