Online Excel Version - Print Row Repeat/Print Titles

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How do you set up the print row repeat or print titles option in the online version of Excel.  I don't see these options available under Page Layout.  Is there another location that this option is located or is this not available in the online version?

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These features are not available in Excel Online. If you want to set or change them, open the workbook in the desktop version of Excel (for Windows or MacOS).

Is this feature on the backlog? For reporting (PDF), the only feature stopping my project from becoming fully cloud automated is this "Print Titles" for the web. Are there any workarounds? 


I don't know whether Microsoft is planning to add this to the online version of Excel.

As I wrote: if you open the workbook in the desktop version of Excel and set the print titles, they will then work in the online version.

@Hans Vogelaar That worked! If I preset the sheet then the rest can be automated. Thank you!

Is it available now?

Once again I have wasted most of the day trying to do something that used to be so simple before everything when to the useless cloud way of doing things.  Eventually, I am going to set everything up that I need for work on a simple old XP pc that I will never connect to the internet. I'll just move things to my new pc with a stick when I need it online. So frustrating!