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steps to easily create a daily calendar for a year with 30 line vertical and a 5 line horizontal chart that can be seen weekly or monthly please help i have tried to hire several people in small community 


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To create a daily calendar for a year with a vertical layout and a 5-line horizontal chart, you can follow these steps in Excel:

  1. Open a new workbook in Excel.
  2. In the first column (Column A), enter the dates for the entire year. You can start from the top cell and continue down for all the dates. You can use a formula like =DATE(year,month,day) to generate the dates automatically. For example, in cell A2, you can enter =DATE(2023,1,1) for January 1, 2023.
  3. In the first row (Row 1), enter the days of the week. Start from the second column (Column B) and continue across for all the days of the week (Monday to Sunday). You can manually enter the names of the days.
  4. Select the range of cells that will be used for the calendar (from the second row to the last row and from the second column to the last column).
  5. On the Excel ribbon, go to the "Home" tab and click on the "Format as Table" button. Choose a table style that you prefer. This will format the selected range as a table, which will make it easier to manage and format the data.
  6. Adjust the column widths and row heights to make the calendar visually appealing. You can manually adjust the sizes by selecting the columns or rows and dragging the edges.
  7. To create the vertical layout with 30 lines, you can insert 30 additional rows between each date row. Select the row below the date row, right-click, and choose "Insert" to insert a new row. Repeat this step until you have 30 lines for each date.
  8. Add the content to the calendar, such as events, appointments, or any other information you need. You can enter the details in the respective cells based on the dates and days of the week.
  9. To view the calendar weekly or monthly, you can use filters or slicers. Select the table, go to the "Data" tab on the Excel ribbon, and click on the "Filter" button. This will add filter drop-downs to the header cells, allowing you to filter the data based on specific dates or days of the week. Alternatively, you can use slicers to create interactive buttons for easy filtering.
  10. Customize the appearance of the calendar as per your preference. You can apply cell formatting, add borders, change font styles, and use conditional formatting to highlight specific events or dates.

Remember to save your Excel workbook periodically to avoid losing your work.

These steps should help you create a basic daily calendar in Excel. You can further enhance it by adding formulas, conditional formatting, or additional features based on your specific requirements.


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