New "Automate" tab in Everybody's Excel Online Except Mine

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I had the Office Admin turn on the Office Scripts feature in Excel and it is working in everybody's Excel Online except for my computer. I thought maybe if I removed all my Office Add-Ins that it would help, but I still can't see the "Automate" tab in my Excel Online. I looked at 6 other co-worker's Excel Online and they all had the "Automate" tab. Why can I not see the "Automate" tab? 

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@Sergei Baklan oh right, nice idea. Hadn't thought of that. 



How did you manage to make the automate tab visible?


That's only to wait while it'll be available for your tenant / account.

@Jan Karel Pieterse Hi, forgive my ignorance here, how does one clear cookies for Excel please?


If in Edge, click on this icon in address bar


select Cookies and remove following menu. In other browsers that's similar.

Another way is in Settings.