New Excel VBA Tool File Crashes Related to Use of "On Error Resume Next" Code Lines

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All of a sudden, I've been noticing and having reported new Tool file crash events, both on my and other end-user PCs, that had not occurred for years of use of these Tool files.  Digging deeper into them, it appears to me that VBA code lines using "On Error Resume Next" error handlers are now triggering errors that were not previously triggered, many completely crashing the file, making it virtually impossible to diagnose and resolve the issue.


I actually learned something new that I was completely unaware of for debugging:  Apparently, I had always been using, in the VBA Editor, Tools-Options-General-Error Trapping setting of "Break on Unhandled Errors" instead of periodically using the alternative setting of "Break on All Errors", that would have quickly alerted me to these potential "On Error Resume Next" issues.


What has the Microsoft Excel team been doing that might explain all these new Excel VBA Tool issues?  Thanks.

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