Need to combine names down 2 columns

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I'm fairly new to using Excel for this purposes. I need some help with the CONCAT function. I have 400+ Names I need to combine in column c from columns A and B. What is the best way to apply this function?


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Is this similar to what you are looking for?


similar yes, that is good for a single row, is there a faster way to combine rows 2-438 than just copying that out again and adding the current row?
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The formula can be filled down for as many rows as required. The screenshot shows the result after filling down the formula from cell C1. In column D you can see the formula of the adjacent cell in column C. An alternative is to drag the formula from C1 down as required.

concatenate names.JPG

Perfect! Thank you!
No that I have done this, how do I keep combined information and get rid of the first 2 columns?
That doesn't work


Assuming the concatenated values are in cells C1:C25. The concatenated ranges are A1:A25 and B1:B25 like in the screenshot of my last reply. Then copy range C1:C25 and paste only values. It's up to you if you then want to delete range A1:B25.