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Hi Community

Could you help me please ?

I think that i have an issue in the userform when i click on the first choosenSheet to update variable from 2 another files, no need i think to share to resolve the issue because the error appears when i click on  ... No Error appears when i click on the other scripts. the main target of this macro is to update variables from 2 another excel files than generate to .TXT files with updated variables (final updated script for 2 sites A and B).










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The code fails at the line

        Range(Range(chosenSheet), Range(chosenSheet).End(xlDown)).Copy Cells(1, 1)

This line requires that there is a named range whose name is the value of chosenSheet.

There is no named range called FO_18G_R20 (although there is one called FO_18G_320), nor one called FO_32G_R20.

That's why the line fails.