Multiple Radio buttons (options) in one form

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Hi, I'm trying to create multiple group boxes with the "option" or radio button controls. First box has four options. I linked them all to the same cell, then created a group. Later, I inserted two more controls, kept them unlinked, then grouped them (group box). I then linked them to a different cell. I tested them, and the correct numbers returned in the correct cell. However, as I started a third box, I noticed that ALL OPTIONS were now linked to a single cell. (So, the first box should have returned 1, 2, 3, or 4 in K7, and the second box should have returned 1 or 2 in K8. However, after I saved my doc after the second box, K7 was returning 1-6, and K8 had nothing.) What part am I missing? I have to do like 10 options boxes...ugh. Please help! Thanks!

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