Missing JSON option at Data > New query > From File

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There is allegedly an option to import JSON data in XL 2016, but the option is missing in my copy. It isn't there in Customize the ribbon, so it can't be added from there, either. Any ideas where it got to?


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Hi Noel,


I could be wrong but JSON data source was added not a long ago. If except insiders all new functionality goes first to O365 subscribers, and one day in future to other users.


If so i don't think you may add this data connector to menu by changing any settings.

Sergi is correct. "New features" like that are only added to Office 365 subscriptions.  One-time payment licenses like yours only have the features that were included when they were released in Sept 2015.  Eventually, when ever MS gets around to releasing a new version, those missing features will probably be incorporated then.  In other words, because you chose not to constantly pay for a subscription MS has decided you are a "second class" customer.

Thanks to you both. It certainly looks as if this is a 'new' feature only available to O365 customers, although I've been unable to find any reference to it in the monthly changelogs for XL2016. It seems to have been around for a long time (since last October at least). This isn't the first time I've been caught out by this discrimination between 'buyers' and 'subscribers'. The last time, though, was when I enquired about the black theme. Same story: O365 only. Nevertheless, I seem to have been able to apply it to my 'bought and paid for' installation:

I don't have an Office 365 suscription.

I used "From Text" intead of "From JSON". Then select All filetypes, and you can open de JSON file. Hope it works for you too.




There is an easy workaround. Go to Data Tab on Ribbon and follow these steps:


1. New Query -> From Other Sources -> From Web;

2. Type in (or Copy-Paste) an url to you Json data and hit OK button;

3. After Query Edit opens, right-click a document icon on a query dashboard and select JSON and your data is transformed to a table data format.

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Thank you!!


That worked for me

@Good Boy What about Office for MacOS? I'm trying to query a REST service but I can't format de data.


@Good Boy What version are you using here. The Excel 2016 we are using doesnt work that way with JSON input. We have Microsoft Office Standard 2016. Thanks