Merging words to create a password

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Looking for help on a formula to merge a base password with a four letter modifier plus a beginning and end set of characters.  The formula would take the modifier in reverse and insert 1 letter at a time every 2 letters or better yet have a field to decide on how many characters.

Split = 2     "Tells the Formula to insert 2 characters from Base before adding modifier in reverse 1 char at a time.

Beg = !     "Added to front of generated pwd

Base = Password     "Initial pwd

Modifier = Food     "Modifier

End = 2023     "Added to end of generated pwd


Result = !PadssowoordF2023


I tried this formula below which will work if the base is 6 characters, but would like to be able to set it up so that the base and or modifier length length doesn't matter.  The formula would keep merging until no characters were left to merge.



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