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Hi There,


I am looking to map sales data to postcode regions in a map of northern Ireland.

I can map to county level but it doesn't seem to work after that.  Any one any ideas?



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Can you send a screenshot of the table you are using for the data? is the heading of a column PostCode? Try ZipCode instead

I'm not familiar with Northern Ireland regions and postcodes, took some from wiki and it works somehow (attached). Another story Map Charts is quite sensitive to names, both for columns and regions, plus doesn't support low level of detalization.

Hi Sergei,


Thanks so much for your help.

I have tried replicating what you have done and it doesn't seem to zoom in on N.Ireland. Just shows the uk.  See attached.  Can you see where I am going wrong?


Also on the second map you have sent it doesn't show the whole of Northern Ireland.  Is there anyway to change this to show the map and just have the postcode areas show coloured?


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Hi Wyn,


Thank you.  I think I was going down to street level i.e. BT35 2SP rather than BT35.


Still can't get it working right though. :-(

Hi Martina,


There was no file attached, please submit.


Entire country - I'll try, but so far not sure how to change. It shows or entire UK or only areas with data.

yes, city and street levels are not supported by Map Charts

Hi Sergei,


Sorry. I've attached now.




Nope, nothing is here. On reply please click this button, browse on your file, its name will be next to the button when you attach it



I don't have that button.  Sorry new to this.  I have a browse.  I browsed to the file and clicked post.

Have tried to reply via email.  Not sure if you got it.

It's attached now.  I think

Hi Martina,


I played with different variants but unfortunately failed. Map Charts allows to show Northern Ireland only if you use districts names only. When you may select State/County level in settings which gives the result. As soon as you add BT postcodes, which are actually the part of UK post codes system, state/county level disappeared and you may select entire UK (automatic) or regions with data.


My impression, which is based on feedbacks on this forum, Map Charts works fine for USA only, for all other regions it has this or that issues.

Hi Sergei,
Thank you for your help.
I really appreciate it.

This was the best result I could get.  Not ideal



Wyn, the question is how to show entire Northern Ireland (without other UK countries) if BT codes are added. I didn't find the solution.

@Sergei Baklan hi Sergei. I hope my message finds you well. Is there no way we can make these postcode maps contiguous? I'm trying to map Manchester in England and whilst it does indeed map out every postcode, it isn't contiguous, with gaps everywhere like in the screenshot you've provided of Belfast. This seems ridiculous! Any idea of a workaround? Thanks muchly and do take care. 


Afraid that doesn't work. You may add data for Manchester or Great Manchester and select option to show "Only regions with data", but that will be not continuous. Otherwise it shows entire country. UK in our case, Microsoft doesn't split on England, Scotland, etc.

@Sergei Baklan I just think that's really ridiculous! Thanks for responding in any case, Sergei. You take care. Regards. 


Sorry I can't help. If you find the solution one day please share here.

Be a pleasure to, Sergei! Though let's face it, if you don't know then I don't stand a chance! Peace.