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Back in July, we had to file our VAT return using a product which relies on Macros in Excel.  This didn't work and the suppliers said this was because the build of Excel we had then (11727.20244) had an issue with Macros.  So my first question is - do Microsoft recognise the issue with that build?  The second question is, has it now been fixed?  We currently have 11929.20254.


If it's now fixed, great.  If not, what should we do about it, bearing in mind that I don't want to disable automatic updates, but I do need to be able to file our next VAT return in October without having to move everything back to an older machine like I had to last time.

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Did the supplier state which particular issue? I'm not aware of specific issues with that version of Excel.


(1) All I can do to answer that is send you the text of their email about it (can't see how to just attach the email):

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Hi Ken

Thank you.

We have had a couple of other users who are using the latest version of Office 365 and the issue is a Microsoft one.

There is a problem with the Macro’s in the latest version of Office 365 and you will need to speak to Microsoft and they will be able revert to back to a previous version.

Unfortunately as this is a Microsoft issue it is not something we are able to assist in doing.

Kind regards


If you don't recognise the issue please CONFIRM THAT IN WRITING and I'll throw the problem back to them.

Hi Ken,

Macros to my knowledge wont work whilst the Excel document is open online. You would have to use the desktop application to run the vba before returning. The link below is from Microsoft:
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I can't really say whether this is a known issue without a description of the issue itself. Like what error message(s) are you getting for instance.