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Dear friends,


I am new to Excel Macro. I recorded a very simple macro (typed 'a' in cell A1) and saved it for testing. When I run the macro, it gives me a compile error. I suppose there is something wrong with my settings. The image is attached below.

Please help me out. 



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Weird! Try changing the macro to


Sub Macro1()
    Range("A1").Value = "a"
End Sub
Dear Hans,

Your code is working well. But why is my macro not being recorded correctly? I searched for a solution everywhere but this problem seems unique to me.

Please check this short video where I recorded my macro.



As I wrote in my first reply, it's weird. The macro recorder is far from perfect, but I haven't seen it mess up completely like this. It's clearly not your fault!

@Hans Vogelaar How do I correct this? Is there a reset option in Excel? 

I got a research paper pending due to this. Any solutions helps!




You might try recording another macro to see if the same problem (or a similar one) occurs. If so, you'll have to write your macros from scratch...

Not a single macro that I recorded is working. Guess I'll have to take the hard way of writing the code which I am clueless about. Is there a customer complaint mail id where I would get a response from MS?


You can click File > Feedback > Send a Frown, but you won't get a reply...

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It looks like someone else had this issue and was able to fix it by uninstalling/reinstalling office. That would be the only thing I could suggest as you're certainly not doing anything wrong.
This was the last option but it worked. Thanks!