Looking for a way to Merge Rows From One Sheet based on Serial Number to be added to another sheet

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I have on Sheet in excel with many rows and columns of data.  Column A has serial numbers with no duplicates.   I have another sheet with different rows and columns of data and column A also has serail numbers.  What i would like to do is append the data from sheet 2 to the end of the row of the data in sheet 1.


Sheet 1 (Serial Number in A) Last column BO.  I would like to append data From Sheet 2 Starting With Column BP if the serail number in A Sheet 2 matches serail number in A sheet 1.



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@Steve099 This can be done in various ways. If you are an MS365 subscriber in the Current Channel you could use the new FILTER function. Alternatively, use a series of traditional VLOOKUP functions or its successor XLOOKUP. Exactly how, depends on the actual structure of your data sets. 

And then there is always Power Query (provided you are not on Excel for Mac), that can fairly easily merge large data sets, without copying, pasting or a great number of formulae.

If you could share and example of let's say 10 rows from each data set (with matching serial numbers, of course), I or someone else here could provide the solution you need. And please mention what Excel version you are on.



Thanks for the suggestions.  Could I also use INDEX (Match  or is vlookup better?.  I added an example of what i have.

@Steve099 Sure, I believe the attached file contains a possible solution in Sheet1, from column BO and onwards.