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I have a spreadsheet which i enter all my personal training clients such as the date and time which they are in, and then a column at the end which adds up the total for that day.


For example:

C2.           D2.             E2.          F2.           G2

Joe          Karen.         Phil.        Steve.       £50


Is there a way i can assign a set number (price per session) to each persons name so the total in G2 updates without me having to do it manually.


depending on each clients plan depends on price per session. 



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Hi @Coach_Callum_Robson,

If I understood your answer good, then you can use a VLOOKUP formula.

VLOOKUP stands for vertical lookup, and it allows you to look up a value in one column and return a corresponding value from another column. In this case, you would look up the client's name in column C and return the price per session from column D.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In cell G2, enter the following formula:




This formula tells Excel to look up the value in cell C2 (the client's name) in the range D:D (the price per session column). If Excel finds a match, it will return the corresponding value from the second column (the price per session). If Excel does not find a match, it will return the value #N/A.

  1. Press Enter.

Excel will now calculate the total for the day, taking into account the price per session for each client.


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