issue facing while activating product

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hi i am unable to register my product key and always a blank pop up window opens when i click on activate product in account section.kindly solve my issue

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Excel for the web (the online version of Excel) does not require a product key for activation. It is typically accessed through a web browser and is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, which is subscription-based and does not require traditional product keys like the desktop versions of Microsoft Office.


If you are using Excel for the web as part of your Microsoft 365 subscription, you would usually sign in with your Microsoft account associated with the subscription, and the activation happens automatically. There is no manual product key activation process involved.


If you are encountering a pop-up asking for a product key while using Excel for the web, it might be due to a different issue or misunderstanding. Please provide more specific details about the pop-up and any related error messages you are encountering.

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Hope this will help you.