Inserting a row

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I'm trying to insert a row on my spreadsheet, which I have been able to do daily until yesterday.  The message it gives;

"Microsoft can not insert new cells because it would push non-empty cells off the end of the worksheet. These non-empty cells might appear empty but have blank values, some formatting, or a formula. Delete enough rows or columns to make room for what you want to insert and then try again."

I'm not sure what or if I changed something but I've tried deleting rows and columns but it didn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Pressing CTRL + END selects the Last Cell in the sheet, meaning the bottom-most right-most cell which is non-empty.
Which cell gets selected when you press CTRL+END in your sheet?

(Other way to select Last Cell is : Home > Find & Select > Go To Special... > Last Cell > OK)
CTRL + END puts me on cell IH 1785