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Hi. Please can you help.

I am using this formula for a scoring system using total scores from 3 worksheets. The scores have a range as per the formula. 

=IFS(C30<=38%,"White",C30<=62%, "Bronze", C30<=87%, "Silver",C30<=100%, "Gold")

However if one of the worksheets totals a “white” score, I need the overall score to be White irrelevant of the scores on the other worksheets. 
Please can you help as to how I add that exception? 

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What is the formula you're currently using to calculate the total score?

@Hans Vogelaar on each sheet, I have just used the SUM function to total each score (each question is out of 4) divided by the total possible score for that worksheet, I have then made it a percentage. Then I have used the IFS formula above to tell me gold, silver etc according to the range.


I'm still confused. Is the formula that you posted for one sheet, or is it a summary formula that combines the three sheet scores?

Sorry I know, I'm confusing myself! On the main title page where I want it to display gold, silver etc, I have already totalled the 3 sheets to make one grand total score on cell C30. This is what the formula is working on.


So what is the formula in C30?