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I have a current formula -




This tells me how many weeks have past from one date to another.  What I want to add is that if another cell has a date in it that has passed then this sum should just read 0.



Please help me you lovely lot.



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Can you please rephrase that or give us a more complete insight in your problem? What other cell, with what date do you compare (today?), what is summed up? As hard as I try I have Problems finding out your needs.

Yes, that's no clear what is required. For example that could be

If <date in J18> is between (<date in another cell> and $A$1) then
   <number of weeks> else 0 


Ok so I have to know how many weeks have passed.


One column is called 'HIRED ON DATE' the other column is called 'HIRED OFF DATE'.  I then need a column that says 'WEEKS HIRED TO DATE'.  It needs to calculate the amount of weeks from HIRED ON DATE until HIRED OFF DATE or if no date is entered into HIRED OFF then it needs to use TODAYS date.


Thanks in advance x


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When it's something like this

=WEEKNUM(IF(ISBLANK(<hired off date>),TODAY(), <hired off date>)) -
  WEEKNUM(<hired on date>)

Perhaps plus 1 depends on how do you calculte not full week, as zero or as 1.


Sergi I couldnt get that to work.  What is the - you have in the formula before the second WEEKNUM?


=WEEKNUM(IF(ISBLANK(<hired off date>),TODAY(), <hired off date>)) -
WEEKNUM(<hired on date>)

I still need help!

Hi Zoe,


Let split on two parts. First one returns fired day or today if fired day is empty, assuming you have them in column B


If hiring days in column A when number of weeks between these two days will be


I'm sorry for previous formula, weeknum returns the week number within the year, it'l be simply to use your ROUNDUP




Hi Zoe Jeffery,


Good day,


It is my pleasure give some suggestion to your problem.


Please try to use below formula. I am not sure how mutch it may work respect to your requirement.


Please find attached work sheet and study.





Manoj P.

@manoj patgar 


Hi, I saw your reply to a formula question similar to what i am trying to accomplish. I have the following formula that works mostly how i want it to, however i need the "G31/75" portion to round up.




Can you help me?

Thank you in advance

@JamesWise , why don't you use ROUNDUP() function?