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i have a table containing exchange rate and I would like excel to multiply cells based on currency symbol on each cell.

for example, if the cell is £150 then excel should lookup £ exchange from the exchange table and multiply by 150.

thank you

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Does the "£" show along with the value in the formula bar or is it added through cell formatting?

It’s formatting

@Tarig Elsawi 

I;d use a separate column for the currency. You can then use a simple INDEX/MATCH formula instead of making Excel jump through hoops to determine the number format.

See the attached demo.

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Depending upon the situation, one possible solution is to write a named Lambda function


= LAMBDA(ref,
      rawFormat, GET.CELL(7, ref), 
      TEXTBEFORE(TEXTAFTER(rawFormat, "["), "]")

The worksheet formula would be 

= ExtractCurrencyFormatλ(currencyAmount)
for a single value, or
= MAP(currencyAmount, ExtractCurrencyFormatλ)
for an array.



How to find the currency format in a formula | MrExcel Message Board

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You could use the CELL function to identify the cell format.





If £150 is A1, for example, the above returns ",2"

if $150 is A1, the above would return "C2"


Why you might not want to use CELL:

- it's slow

- it doesn't spill

and this:

Note: If the info_type argument in the CELL function is "format" and you later apply a different format to the referenced cell, you must recalculate the worksheet (press F9) to update the results of the CELL function.


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