How to move data from one sheet to anoth

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I have a large excel sheet full of information on aircrafts. The sheet is separated by hanger and not by dates. I want to use the dates on the planes and separate them by week onto a new sheet so I can print out only this week's work instead of printing every last plane and separating by hand. Is there a way excel can read, say, 02/05/2023 to 02/11/2023 throughout all hanger separation and display on a new page?

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Let's say the dates are in D2:D1000 on a sheet named Aircraft Data

On another sheet, enter 02/05/2023 in cell A1 and 02/11/2023 in cell B1.

In A3, enter the formula

=FILTER('AirCraft Data'!A2:Z1000, ('Aircraft Data'!D2:D1000>=A1)*('Aircraft Data'!D2:D1000<=B1), "")

@Hans Vogelaar I'll try that as soon as possible and let you know if it works! Thank you!