How to modify axes in a pivot chart?

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Hi everybody. I have to doubts concerning pivot charts. To explain them, I attached an Excel file to this post. It is composed by two sheets: 
- the Main_Sheet which is the main table containing the analysed data;
- the Pivot_Chart which contains the pivot histogram I want to apply some changes.


Here are my doubts:

1. Is there a way to "block" the axes (especially the x-axis) in a pivot chart? E. g. the Pivot_Chart histogram x-axes range is from 3 to 9. If I filter for Person = Max, it changes form 3 to 6, while if I filter for person = Scott I get it from 6 to 9. Is there a way for getting the x-data from 3 to 9 even if I filter? I know it is possible with a standard histogram, but now I have a pivot histogram and I don't manage to reach it.


2. Still talking about pivot histograms, is there a way to set manually (and not authomatically!) the length of ranges represented in the x-axis? I would like to have data counted in pairs, meaning that I'd like the x-axis to have ranges and not single values (e.g. if I filter the chart for person = Max I'd like to get (3, 4) and (5, 6) in the x-axis and 4 and 3 corresponding values. Again, this can be easily done in a standard histogram, but the pivot histogram doesn't manage to do that. 


Thanks to everyone!

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@LM_950212 I believe that is not possible. But a workaround could be to include an extra column with the Labels and a set of dummy scores with no values for each person. Perhaps not feasible if you are dealing with lots of data / individuals. A working example is included on the Main sheet in the attached file.