How to make VLOOKUP return multiple error values

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Hi all


Not sure if this is possible, but what I am trying to do is a regular VLOOKUP with the caveat that:


  • Where the lookup value is an empty cell, instead of N/A, the formula returns "Unknown"
  • Where the lookup value is missing from the table array, but is NOT an empty cell, the formula returns N/A (as usual.)

So far I have only been able to use an IFERROR to pull back "Unknown" for all missing values in the table array. 


Is this even possible?


Many thanks



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Let's say you have


=VLOOKUP(A2, $F$2:$G$100, 2, FALSE)


Change this to


=IF(A2="", "Unknown", VLOOKUP(A2, $F$2:$G$100, 2, FALSE))